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Conflict Coaching

Individual Conflict coaching and mentoring for Executives, Managers, and Supervisors

You're competent in every other aspect of your life, but when it comes to conflict, you have one primary response. Whether your Conflict Response Mode is denial, aggression, capitulation or avoidance, it's what you tend to do when under pressure – in the heat of the moment. Rather than consciously choosing how you want to respond, the response just happens!

If your Conflict Response Mode (CRM) isn't working for you in either your personal or professional life, help is available. 

I can help you identify and understand your current Conflict Response Mode and learn more conscious and constructive alternatives for responding to conflict.  There's no need to be held captive by the CRM you learned years ago!

Contact me today to learn whether conflict coaching is for you. You have nothing to lose — and a lot to gain.

As a conflict coach, I can….

Individual conflict coaching and mentoring is ideally suited for executives, managers, supervisors, attorneys, couples or anyone wanting to enhance their conflict competence.

Team coaching

Teams possess gifts – the individual and collective talents and natural strenghts of the members who comprise the team. But all too often, teams end up working at cross-purposes, either internally or externally, resulting in wasted effort, resources, and outcomes. CMS can help teams diagnose their current patterns of behavior and help them move toward shared understanding, recognition of common goals and values, clearly stated strategies, and agreements concerning project responsibilities and time lines.

Couples coaching and mentoring

Our "default" habits of relating to one another all too often result in increased stress, tension and friction within relationships. Walls go up. Intimacy subsides. Emotional distance results.

I can help couples uncover their default habits of relating to one another. Many times, simply seeing what we do, realizing that it's unconscious and mostly unintentional, and that we're not alone in going onto "auto pilot" is greatly liberating.

I can help you see where your relationship gets stuck and how you can begin to communicate and act with more compassion and kindness toward yourself and your partner.