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Conflict Management Training

CTS believes that the ability to resolve conflict more consciously, constructively, creatively, and compassionately, in both our professional and personal lives, begins with the ability to manage ourself – our defensiveness, our reactivity, our fears.

At the same time, we recognize that we're all wired to be creatures of habit including habits of thought, emotional reactivity, and behavior. And most of us have never had the opportunity to examine the habits that get us into, keep us in, and help us get out of conflict. When we’re aware of our habits and how they impact us relative to conflict, we can begin to make more conscious and effective decisions.

And we recognize that it requires a lot of intention, attention and practice to change our default/hard-wired habits of reactivity. Indeed, it's a four (4) step process involving:

So while CTS is willing to, and does, offer workshops to help enhance your conflict management skils, we strongly encourage attendees to commit to some type of on-going practice or coaching process to help solidify and embody the new approaches to resolving conflict.

For workshops that CTS offers, see our Workshop page.