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Leadership Development

“In great teams, conflict becomes productive. The free flow of conflicting ideas is critical for creative thinking, for discovering new solutions that no one individual would have come up with on his own.”
– Peter Senge

Leaders know that disagreements are bound to occur whenever people work together. Sometimes the resulting conflict is uncomfortable or even harmful. So for leaders, the challenge is how to use strategies to help team members resolve conflicts in creative,collaborative and productive ways.

And indeed, according to a new study from the Leadership Development Institute, there's a strong link between a leader's ability to resolve conflict effectively and his or her perceived effectiveness as a leader – and therefore, his or her likelihood of promotion.

Dynamic leaders possess two essential skills related to Emotional Intelligence; the ability to self-observe and self-manage their own reactivity and behaviors when engaged in conflict and the ability to understand and work constructively with others to help them address and resolve conflict in a manner that works for everyone.

So whether the conflict  arises from the reality of

• limited resources (time, money, or property),
• unmet basic needs (recognition, belonging, power, freedom, or fun), or
• differing values, beliefs, priorities, or principle,

dynamic leaders need to have available both the inner and external resources necessary to bring people together in ways that will resolve differences and move teams toward those goals which enhance and allow for increased productivity and success.

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