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CTS services are always tailored to your needs and may include:

Conflict coaching and mentoring for individuals, teams, and couples.
Mediation of workplace, elder care, partnership, parent-child, condo and organizational disputes.
Training to enhance conflict prevention and management skills.
Leadership development with an emphasis on enhancing conflict competence and emotional intelligence.
Facilitation of highly conflicted or difficult to handle meetings.
Organizational consultation to help evaluate and/or create internal conflict management systems.

Key Take-Aways for CTS Customers

Executives, managers, supervisors, couples and individuals are able to identify, choose, and use behaviors that lessen the likelihood of conflict occurring or that steer conflict toward constructive outcomes.

Teams work more collaboratively, effectively, creatively, and productively toward agreed upon goals and outcomes. Note: Teams working at cross-purposes, either internally or externally, result in wasted effort, resources, and outcomes. CMS can help teams diagnose their current patterns of behavior and help them move toward shared understanding, recognition of common goals and values, clearly stated strategies, and agreements concerning project responsibilities and time lines.

Employees are able to identify what is truly a business issue conflict and what is more a function of personal style. They’re equipped to address conflict early on and to move toward resolution without compromising their values or the company’s objectives.

Your business/organization will experience increased productivity, profitability, and/or success in achieving organizational goals, visions, and missions. Research indicates that when businesses and organizations are driven by leaders, managers, and team members with higher levels of emotional intelligence and conflict management competence (all that mentioned above!), the likelihood of higher productivity and successful outcomes are increased significantly.